Using Social Media to Enhance Your Job Search

Using social media to enhance your job searchHave you ever heard of Steve Chazin? He’s the former Apple employee who thought outside the box when it came time to advance his career. He did something most job seekers would never think to do—he started a blog and wrote an e-book—which he offers for free—called, “Marketing Apple: 5 Secrets of the World’s Best Marketing Machine.”

His approach to job seeking put him in an entirely different position than others, because he was able to actually show his expertise, skills, enthusiasm, abilities, and passion—rather than just talking about them in a cover letter and resume. He was original with his delivery, and people responded.

Although his results might not be the norm for everyone, you can take the fundamentals of what Steve did and use them to craft a more creative approach your next job search. Here’s how:

1. Build a personal brand
Start a blog that is centered around your passions as an everyday person, as well as around your expertise in the workforce—a lot of times these are the same thing. Create content often. This will position you as an expert in your industry, a thought-leader who people will come to when they’re seeking knowledge or looking for an answer. Make sure to point out your blog on your resume, cover letter, and during the interview process.

2. Be active on Twitter
Create a Twitter account and complete your profile which will include writing a bio and listing your blog as your web address. Anytime you write a new blog post, tweet it. Follow businesses that you would like to work for, and more importantly, follow people who work at those businesses. Start conversations with people in similar industries and positions you are seeking.

3. Comment on other blogs
Anytime you can offer valuable knowledge or simply good opinions, you are putting your name out there without actually marketing yourself. This builds your credibility and opens the lines of communication between you and the rest of the online world.

4. Create a professional profile on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the marketplace for professionals to network, make connections, and keep an updated resume and profile. One way to get the most out of networking on LinkedIn is to join local groups associated with your industry. You can then start discussions in these groups, answer questions asked by other members, and attend any networking events hosted by the group.

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Use the power of social media to build your personal brand and get ahead in your industry. The more content you produce, conversations you have, and knowledge you share, the more respect you’ll earn in your industry. And that tells way more about you than your resume alone could.


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