USA Cares: A Dream that Does Good

by Jen Leroux

“Let us do good.” – A simple statement that is the driving force behind a big idea. For Roger Stradley, a retired Soldier, and the dedicated team at USA Cares, everyday is just another opportunity to live that motto.

Founded right here in the Idea Capital in 2003, USA Cares works to help support post-9/11 military families and veterans when they need it most. All branches of service in all 50 states are assisted through the program. USA Cares does not loan money – Rather, they offer direct grants to help cover a variety of expenses for our servicemen and women, whether it be assistance with personal debt, or filling in the monetary gaps when soldiers have to go into treatment for PTSD. To date, over $7,250,000.00 has been provided to our soldiers. What started as a small non-profit organization in Radcliff Kentucky has since expanded to a nationwide outreach, including volunteers in Detroit, Chicago, and Los Angeles. They are all firm believers in giving a “hand up not a hand out” to our servicemen and women in their time of need.

“One percent of Americans protect the rest of us,” Roger told me when I visited him this past week in his second-story office in the heart of Radcliff.  So what can be more important than helping out that brave one percent in whatever way possible?

It’s clear to see that Roger’s passion is our military. He’s quick to pull out the digital photo frame from his desk and show me pictures of his son who is currently serving in Iraq. His eyes light up when he talks about the many people that they have been able to help in the past 8 years, and all the new possibilities that are before them for the next 8 years.

And it only gets better. Just this month, USA Cares broke ground for their new headquarters that will be located at 1655 N Logsdon Parkway in Radcliff.  They have high hopes that the location will be finished by the end of the year.

We can’t quit on our brave men and women that are serving us in so many capacities in the Armed Forces.  Roger and everyone at USA Cares remind us of that. I encourage you to give them a call or stop by their office. They’ll be more than happy to give you a firsthand account of what they do. And trust me, it will be worth it. Their patriotism combined with a true entrepreneur spirit is contagious, and just might get you started on your own big idea.

Interested in finding our more about USA Cares?  For information or for learning how you can donate time or resources visit: