Turning Saturday Nights into a Big Event

Etown's Second Saturday eventFor the city of Elizabethtown and Heritage Council Executive Director Heath Seymour, creating a greater downtown is an ongoing dream. But it’s definitely a dream in progress. In fact, Seymour, along with many area business owners and citizens, has been working hard to bring downtown Elizabethtown alive, and to transform it into a place where people want to be — day and night. That is why they began the Second Saturday event. Conducted every second Saturday of each month, Second Saturday has become a great way to showcase the downtown’s independent retailers and restaurants, as well as to provide an outlet for many outdoor vendors and sellers of home-grown products.

“Both business owners and area citizens have this same dream, and the Second Saturday event is one of many small tasks that we hope will help get us there,” said Seymour.

The dream for downtown Elizabethtown is to attract people, young and old, to the downtown area to have fun, spend time with neighbors and see what makes Elizabethtown great and unique. Having the spotlight on these small businesses and vendors keeps their dream of increasing business and making new customers alive. And the plan is to attract even more participants join them. “If successful, and with support from the community, there is a point where we’ll gain momentum, get things on track and give local residents a reason to stay right here in Elizabethtown, rather than spending their money and time in other towns,” said Seymour.

To keep the dream growing, Second Saturday organizers are looking for more outdoor vendors to show off their products, artwork, crafts and more. They would also welcome musical performers or those who serve food that is not already available downtown. The hope is that these vendors will continue bringing life to the downtown area, and that even more independent businesses will be born as a result.

The next Second Saturday will be held Saturday, July 14 from 5-8pm in the downtown area of Elizabethtown. It’s easy to find, and there’s plenty of free parking when you get there. So why not make Second Saturday a part of your plan for next weekend?

You can find out more information about Second Saturday here, or by contacting their office at (270) 982-2209.

Image courtesy of Elizabethtown Heritage Council