Sticks and KIX

Bernheim Sculture OpeningThis past Thursday, the kix team had the pleasure of visiting Bernheim Forest to enjoy a beautiful spring afternoon in one of the region’s most beautiful spots, as well as the unveiling of a unique sculpture created from the forest’s own vegetation by world renowned sculptor, Patrick Dougherty. Dougherty, who combines his love of nature with his skills as a carpenter, has built more than two hundred monumental, on-site natural pieces all around the globe. In fact, he came to Kentucky having just finished an installation in the Loire Valley of France.

Each Dougherty sculpting requires sticks by the truckload, and in this case his three-week installation of woven willow art was completed with help from local nature lovers who volunteered to assist. A completely “interactive” piece of living art, “Snake Hollow” as the piece has been named, is a delight to touch, explore, look at and even smell for children of all ages. And like much of the art found at Bernheim, the work will evolve as it weathers and ages, before decomposition returns it to nature.

Tom Block, the great grandson of Bernheim founder Isaac Berheim, was there for the unveiling. Tom noted that his grandfather’s vision was for the forest was to become a melding of art and nature – And Patrick Dougherty’s work was just that!