Sherman Minton Reopening Means Less Headaches for Commuters

Sherman Minton bridge reopens after five monthsFor months, crossing the Ohio River—no matter which direction you were traveling—meant a traffic nightmare, especially during rush hour. Commuters tacked on an additional 30 minutes or more each way, shoppers found other places to buy what they needed, and some businesses lost significant revenue

This was the case for the last five months while the Sherman Minton was undergoing repairs. Thankfully, though, the bridge reopened ahead of schedule and last Monday’s commute to and from Southern Indiana was uneventful for most people.

Our region is connected in so many ways. The closing of the bridge brought that realization to life over the last five months. The absence of a major artery to and from Louisville and Southern Indiana disrupted lives, cost businesses dollars, and reminded everyone just how much each area of the region is dependent on the other.

And even more important for our region’s future growth, two additional bridges are being planned. In fact, Kentucky and Indiana recently reached consensus on a basic plan to finance the project, keeping this extremely critical project on target to begin construction in 2012. The downtown portion includes a new I-65 bridge, a re-decked Kennedy Bridge, modernization of the Kennedy Interchange, and expansion of the I-65 approach in Indiana. One the East End, a new bridge will link the Lee Hamilton Expressway in Indiana with Kentucky’s Gene Snyder Freeway. The result will be improved road transportation for a region that relies heavily on logistics to provide jobs, business expansion, and other opportunities.

This $2.6 billion project is expected to generate over 3,300 new jobs, an estimated $20 billion in additional output, and $6.8 billion in additional cumulative earnings in the region by 2058.

Now we want your take on the subject.

  • How did the Sherman Minton bridge closure affect your commute, your business, or activities you had planned?
  • In what ways do you depend on our region’s highways?
  • How will the new bridges impact your future plans for living, working, or doing business?
  • What other changes can be made to improve mobility for commuters?

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