The Power of Regionalism

Why “regionalism?”
Kim Huston, President Nelson County Economic Development Agency, talks about regionalism

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It’s no longer about cities or counties. Regions have become the most important geographies in the global economy, where collaborative efforts matter tremendously. To compete successfully, cities, counties and even states must work together. By combining strengths and leveraging assets, regions make themselves more attractive to both business and talent.


Regions are not necessarily created by lines on a map, but by fact and circumstance. And because their space, resources, commerce, ideas, vision, and energy are synergistic, a region’s citizens are free to consider the possibilities of all kinds of unified efforts. Some of these might include:

  • Shared regional focus on common interests
  • A stronger political voice for advancing shared agendas
  • More efficient and less costly ways to build a truly regional workforce pipeline
  • Increased ability for the region to compete in the world market
  • An improved quality of place for the entire region

Our goal as KIX is to help make connections throughout the region, and endeavor to find new ways of fostering regional cooperation by connecting resources. And even if every effort doesn’t connect every dot, smaller successes can result in helping to bring an idea to fruition, or in making a dream come true. And our dream, as KIX, is to help truly make our region an idea capital of the world,  where imaginations and individuals thrive. Working together there is no limit to what we can accomplish.

Take the first step and join us in the collaborative regional effort.