Our Region

Welcome to the Kentucky Indiana Exchange, a regional leadership coalition.

We’re a community of two states, 26 counties, 2 metro areas, 196 towns and villages, 31 institutions of higher education, 3451 community organizations, and 1 million 563 thousand 404 amazing individuals!

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We think we live in a pretty neat place. Our region has big city amenities right alongside charming small towns and rustic rural areas. We’ve got innovative businesses, fantastic transportation & logistics systems, a growing defense industry presence and lots of potential. But our greatest strength is our human capital. Folks like you and me. Why? Because we’ve got ideas and ideas are the fuel that will help drive us into the future. Take advantage of all that KIX has to offer and make our region even better by turning your dreams into reality.


  1. Pam Hardin says:

    So, how do I use this to share with my 16 – 21 year old clients from the Lincoln Trail Area Development District?

    Thanks in advance.

    Pam Knox Hardin