Our Dream

Most of us have had a dream to do something great, or an idea for doing something new or unique. We may not have told anyone, or done anything about it, but that big dream or good idea was there just the same.

Lance Secretan and his “One Dream”™ method helped guide our region’s visioning process. The result: our one dream is to be an idea capital of the world, a place where imaginations and individuals thrive.

KIX is here today because folks around our region are working together on a dream to be an idea capital of the world. Why? Because they believe that each of us can make a difference, and that any one of our ideas could be the next “big thing.” And whether you know it or not, it’s your ideas that are helping our region become an idea capital of the world.

We’ve always been an innovative community full of entrepreneurs, builders and thinkers.

  • Great thinkers like Abraham Lincoln and Louis Brandies.
  • Entrepreneurs like David Jones, Sr. and Harlan Sanders
  • Innovations like the self-contained artificial heart.
  • We even host the world’s only festival devoted to ideas!

And together we will do even more. Our goal is to help transform the KIX region into an idea capital of the world, where imaginations and individuals thrive!