More from #IF11 | Neuromarketing: Appealing to Our Reptilian Brains

Patrick Renvoise at IdeaFestival 2011 Louisville Kentucky NeuromarketingUnveiling a remarkable combination of the latest brain research and revolutionary marketing practices, Patrick Renvoise, co-author of Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain, captivated the IdeaFestival audience Thursday afternoon with an entertaining session on how you can find out exactly how to motivate consumers.

According to Renvoise, the oldest part of our brain, or Reptilian brain, is where most of our buying decisions are made. The visual part of our brain, it’s here where our self-centered desires, needs and fears reside. Neuromarketing can be used to help us appeal to our Reptilian brains, and to better understand consumer buying decisions.

To find out what will motivate a potential customer to consider your product you must first find out what “pain” will be alleviated by using it. This is done through asking questions and identifying that pain. Then, you must differentiate (contrast) how your offer is unique from the competitions, and how it makes the pain go away. The session offered just a glimpse of this interesting concept, but did motivate us to order a copy of the book!

Renvoise innovative presentation was just one highlight of Day 2 at IdeaFestival.

A short clip of Renvoise’s presentation can be found here.