Meade County Celebrates New Access to Knowledge

Brandenburg Kentucky Meade County Public LibraryThe team recently had the opportunity to take part in a long-standing tradition between Fort Knox and the communities that immediately surround the installation — the quarterly community relations dinner.  What started as way to build partnerships amongst chambers of commerce and their Army partners has grown into a community wide celebration of shared successes and ongoing opportunities.

The latest was no different as the Meade County Area Chamber of Commerce played host at the community’s new state of the art Meade County Public Library.  The 21,000 square foot facility is yet another example of what a community of just 26,000 people can accomplish when they set their minds to it.  Built to achieve maximum energy efficiency and LEED certification in a park-like setting, the facility will serve the people of Meade County for years to come.

That was not lost on Lieutenant General Benjamin Freakley, Fort Knox’s Commanding General.  With Meade County being home to hundreds of Fort Knox employees and their families as well as veterans and retirees, speaking at the dinner, Freakley reflected on what a treasure this new facility is and reminded us all how fortunate we are.  Having commanded the 10th Mountain Division in Afghanistan from 2006-2007, Freakley reflected on a place where girls had been banned from school and boys took classes under a tree with no books.  Yet, he said, if you asked those young people what they wanted to be, most would tell you doctors, engineers, and scientists.

His words served as a reminder that the freedoms we enjoy in this country should not be taken for granted and that we should continue to provide places where everyone can seek knowledge that will unlock their full potential.