Making Louisville My Home

Jordan CornettWhen the newest member of the KIX team, Jordan Cornett, told us about her encounter at a local post office, we asked her to share it with the KIX community.  Because as you’ll see, it’s what makes this place we call home so special. 

Making Louisville My Home
by Jordan Cornett

Moving on from the college life as a student to the professional world can be quite an intimidating transition. Within a week I had  left behind everything I knew in Campbellsville for the previous five years, moved to the metropolis of Louisville, and began my new job. I had no idea what was to come in the days ahead, only that I really needed my GPS here. I wasn’t in rural Taylor County anymore.
I was scheduled to meet someone at 8:45 a.m. in Bullitt County, but really needed to get to the post office beforehand to mail off some books. As a graduate, I decided selling some of my old books on Amazon would be  a good idea…what I didn’t know was that all fourteen of them would all sell in one night. I had to mail them off ASAP or Amazon would not be happy.

At 8:15 a.m. I arrived in Clermont and plugged “post office” into my overused GPS. I was relieved to see I only had to travel a mile. As I rolled into the empty gravel lot, I noticed the post office was a tiny log cabin, much more character than most I had been to. It almost looked closed, but I decided to lull my fourteen books in with me anyway.

My heart sunk upon entering when I saw the aluminum door to the teller slid shut. I turned to leave when I heard the door begin to slide upwards.

“We don’t open until 9:00,” said the lady, “but what do you have there?”

I proceeded to tell her about my dilemma. I didn’t need to do much explaining, though. Within a few seconds of my rambling, she told me to come sit my books on the table and introduced herself as Sandy.

What happened over the next thirty minutes was the most unmerited act of kindness a stranger has ever shown me.

With a smile on her face Sandy helped me package all fourteen books. She didn’t rush on the job, either. First, she researched the cheapest way possible to send each book by weighing them separately and calculating numbers. Then, as I wrote my return address, she put them in their separate envelopes, right before helping me cut out the addresses off the packaging slips, matching them with the correct book and then taping them on each.

We were having a great time talking about her and her grandkids, me and my new job, when all the sudden I glanced at the clock and realized I was about to be late.

Noticing the panic in my eyes, Sandy told me to go on to my  meeting and she would finish the process. The woman wouldn’t even let me leave money considering she didn’t know how much the total would be yet.

“If you have time to run back here today you can pay then,” said Sandy. “I still am going to tape each package all the way around for security and print tracking numbers for safe measures. If you don’t have time to pay me today, that is ok, I will take care of it, and we’ll just say you owe Sandy next time you are in town.”

She wouldn’t take no for an answer. She just trusted me.

When I told the people I met of Sandy’s kindness, they just smiled and shook their head as if saying, “Yep, that is Sandy for ya.” They even gave me a free coffee mug to give her.

Sandy was willing to give up $60 dollars and an hour of her time for a complete stranger. Of course, I made it back over in the afternoon to pay the money and give her the mug, but Sandy still gave me something I needed even more in this new place. A friend.

“Maybe Louisville isn’t so far away from Taylor County,” I thought.


  1. Rosanna says:

    Awwwww…. I am so thankful to say that “Sandy” is my mother!!! I am so very lucky to have her in my life! She is a great person and truly cares about every person she meets! Thank you for this wonderful article!

  2. Patty Hodge says:

    Soooo sweet and caring she is and has always been.
    Good to hear great things about family,for Sandy is my sister.
    She is always there to help a friend or family member and of course strangers.
    To make it short i think my sister has invisible wings. :)

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