Join the Journey to India – Learn more January 17th

It goes without saying that in today’s global economy, we need to look beyond traditional borders in seeking solutions to the challenges our region faces.

Countries like Brazil, Russia, India and China (commonly called the BRIC nations) are four economies that we cannot afford to ignore.  With over 25% of the worlds’ land coverage and 40% of its population, not to mention a combined GDP of 18.486 trillion dollars, they’re poised to become the largest entities on the global stage.  Their businesses, and the markets they serve, are growing.

India’s emphasis on the health care sector and technology industry draws parallels to Kentucky’s health care and long-term wellness and aging care industries.  And with U.S. investment in the country estimated at $18 billion, India is our largest trading and investment partner — Essential to the expanding global marketplace.   And did you know that close to 4,000 Asian Indians live in Louisville, surpassing the number of those with Asian-Pacific heritage?   As a result, many Indian-owned small and medium-sized companies have sprung up in our region, ranging from retail outlets and restaurants to consulting firms, outsourcing business services, technology firms and more.

Our region’s central location, and the presence of great regional assets like UPS World Port, could put us in a great position to benefit from partnerships with BRIC countries.  In fact, UFLEX Limited, the India based flexible packaging giant, and their move to the Elizabethtown Industrial Park, could represent a growing trend.  But we need to be prepared, as the benefits of going global and becoming an active participant in the world economy, are becoming more and more apparent.

One way you could help to prepare is to join a diverse group of regional leaders on a journey to India in March.

Sponsored by Greater Louisville Inc., this first of its kind Cultural Awareness Reconnaissance Tour offers a great opportunity to help us better understand the local impacts of global trends and to discover more about the potential in India.  Success in today’s economic environment depends on innovative ideas and thinking beyond the traditional boundaries, and this trip offers an opportunity to do just that.

The trip, hosted in conjunction with Indus Travels, will offer the opportunity to experience nine days exploring the sights, lifestyle and ethos of India.   There are still openings.  If you’re interested in learning more about this unique global opportunity, an open house and trip orientation will be held on January 17.

For more information on the orientation, and to register for the trip please email Michael Iacovazzi Pau or call him at 502.594.1987 (by January 16 to attend the Orientation).


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