Introducing Jen Leroux

The team is pleased to introduce our newest blogger, Ms. Jen Leroux. Jen originally hails from Minnesota but at the ripe old age of 16 her family made the move to Kentucky and while she took a professional detour to Italy, our region called her back. In this blog, she takes the opportunity to introduce herself to kix readers.

Booker T. Washington once said, “…Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.”

Here in Kentucky, I believe we display this in a most unique manner. As I observe my friends, family, clients, and neighbors, I am faced with the realization that I am blessed to be living in a community with so many people that are striving for excellence. Every day I meet people from all different walks of life, and every day I hear a new story from someone about the (oftentimes) random set of circumstances that brought them to our beloved little piece of heartland.

Growing up in the north and not moving to Elizabethtown until I was 16 years old, it was a bit of a culture shock going from the a more fast-paced northern lifestyle to the more relaxed ways of life our region can offer. But after adjusting, I soon began to realize that the easy manner in which people from our region approach things was a big key to the way of life in this community. We truly are blessed to live in a place where there are so many “big city” amenities, and yet our neighbors are still genuine, hard-working, and family oriented. Not to mention, unique and broad in their areas of interest and study.

After graduating High School as a homeschooled student, I was blessed to work for a wonderful attorney here in our community, whose encouragement to never quit learning sticks with me still today. Working for him launched me headlong into our community, giving me opportunities to meet people and learn new things on a daily basis.

I then decided to follow a job into the financial field, where I worked with many small-business owners helping them manage and meet financial needs and goals. I believe this is when the entrepreneurial spirit began to grow inside of me. Watching people start with a dream and slowly build it upwards instilled a goal within me to do something like that in my own life one day. I was given amazing opportunities to meet with so many leaders in our community through this period of time, which undoubtedly helped to shape me into who I am today.

In 2008, I began to follow a new plan that involved spending some time travelling abroad, working and teaching English in Italy. I spent almost two years working outside of Milan, learning to speak Italian, working with Italian children, and adjusting to a new culture and way of life. Northern Italy is very industrial, and most families in that area own family businesses and are very entrepreneurial minded. It was a great period of time for me, opening many doors and teaching me many things about life.

When I returned to the U.S.A. in the fall of 2009, I began making preparations to begin my own little business adventure, using my love for photography as my starting point. That has since turned into a very enjoyable freelance job for me, one that I hope within the next few years will continue to grow and expand.

So here’s my point… How fortunate we are to live in a country like ours and a region like ours! Where every one of us has the opportunity to learn new things, work hard and dream big! From my time spent outside of the U.S., I feel strongly that this is the best place in the world to strive for excellence by doing “common things in an uncommon way”. I believe that this truly is a place well on its way to being named the Idea Capital of the World – a place where entrepreneurs and big dreamers can live and thrive and a place where inspiration is just the beginning.

What’s your story? I’d love to hear from you! Tell me about how you or your neighbors are displaying excellence in the pursuit of new and big ideas.

Until next time,


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