Innovation Can Happen Anywhere

Aneesh Chopra Obama Ideafestival Louisville Kentucky Innovation Aneesh Chopra, President Obama’s Chief Technology Officer, came to IdeaFestival yesterday.  During his energizing and inspiring remarks, he spoke of how we all have the capacity for innovation and that our region can become an entrepreneurial center.  He issued three challenges to our region as we consider how we might become the Idea Capital of the World:

  1. Transform the Healthcare Delivery System – create tools that give us access to data so that we have a system that focuses on value over volume.  Chopra said our region’s world class medical centers provide an ideal testing ground for such innovation.
  2. Create a Learning System that works, one that considers how we learn. Chopra cited a digital tutoring tool the Navy is using as an example.
  3. Unleash a clean energy revolution where access to data can help reduce energy usage.

Chopra also emphasized the importance of transparency and access to data.   He said we can innovate and create new products and services when we liberate data, that transparency and open access sets the conditions for innovation. He cited numerous opportunities built on the data that U.S. taxpayers invest to collect, such as weather apps fed by NOAA databases, video games loaded with real-world topography from NASA and all of our GPS gadgets.  He encouraged everyone to look at the data that is available, to tinker and play, as a way to spur creativity.

Putting this valuable data to work will allow us to solve problems together and we are better solving problems together rather than individually.

What do you think?