IdeaFest 2011: A Space for Big Ideas | #IF11

IdeaFestival Louisville IBM Watson on Jeopardy super computer innovation technology Ideas need energy and inspiration, room to breathe and a freedom to fail. We found all that and more during our first day at this year’s IdeaFestival. From a conversation about “full-baked” ideas making local government more responsive, to a demonstration of the vast capabilities and the potential of IBM Supercomputer, Watson (of Jeopardy-fame), big thinking is the theme in Louisville this week.

The four day event, founded in 2000, delivers an environment for participants to foster their own ideas.

First, presentations from thought-leaders on a variety of topics coupled with ample opportunities to network with other creative minds from the region is sure to energize and inspire the thought that has been rolling around in the back of your head.

Second, the festival serves as a retreat of sorts for entrepreneurs, business people and community leaders. Room to breathe, a chance to get away from the “office” and the mountain of daily tasks to focus on the key component of economic and community success — innovation!

Finally, and maybe most importantly, the fact that Louisville and our region hosts IdeaFestival states loud and clear that we get it. Great ideas come with risk and you are welcome to take those chances here … in The Idea Capital of the World!


To follow the events at IdeaFestival, you can follow us on Twitter @yourideacounts. ┬áBe sure to use the hashtag, #IF11 and mention us if you’re at any events this week.