Hardin County Chamber of Commerce Appointed to Kentucky State Chamber Board

Hardin County enjoyed a boost to its regional clout last month.  The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce was appointed to the Kentucky Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors as an ex officio member.

In fact, this appointment was just part of an exciting six months in the life of Hardin County.  In the Spring, the county went through an amazing unification.  Four small, individual chambers came to understand the power of regionalism and joined together to form the fourth largest chamber in the state.  Then, the unified chamber used its resources and combined force to pursue the expertise of a proven regional leader, Brad Richardson.  With over 25 years of successful experience in community and economic development, Richardson is poised to lead the Chamber forward.

But, wait a minute, you may be saying!  Unless you’re a citizen there, what do you care about something happening in Hardin County?!  The KIX.com team is interested in telling the story of our region, so why does something good happening in one place matter for us all?  The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce represents one of two metropolitan areas in our region.  The Elizabethtown Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) includes Hardin and Larue Counties and it is an increasingly important economic driver for the region.  It is home to Fort Knox where recent base realignment (BRAC) is resulting in 7,500 new jobs.  The military base is also the centerpoint of a number of defense assets in an around the region that make our area well-suited for national defense opportunities and related jobs.  The Elizabethtown MSA is also positioned at the crossroads of I-65 and east-west routes, the Western Kentucky Parkway and the Bluegrass Parkway.

So, the increased access to training programs and additional resources for the Hardin County Chamber represents a “win” for the region.

And it doesn’t appear that they’ll be slowing down to rest on the accomplishment of being appointed to the Kentucky Chamber board of directors.  The following quote is from a recent article in The News-Enterprise:

The Hardin County Chamber of Commerce also is pursuing a partnership with Greater Louisville Inc. and One Southern Indiana Chamber as a member of the Regional Leadership Coalition, a partnership in Louisville and Southern Indiana to explore and advance regional initiatives on issues such as transportation and education/workforce development.

Richardson said such a partnership may enable the local area to continue some of the programs started through the Wired65 initiative, a partnership between 19 Kentucky counties and seven counties in southern Indiana to promote regional workforce development.

Richardson said the initiative produced some programs he does not want to see disappear just because the funding for Wired65 is ending.

Let us hear from you in the comments below if you live or work in Hardin County. If you live in our region, how do you see this advance for Hardin County affecting you?