Great Talent From Right Here in Our Region

Jennifer Lawrence The Hunger GamesOne of our region’s shining stars will be seen again this spring when The Hunger Games premieres in movie theaters on Friday, March 23. Native Louisvillian, Jennifer Lawrence, plays the lead role as Katniss Everdeen in this sure-to-be-a-hit new movie.

Jennifer began her acting career at the age of 14 when her natural talent was discovered during auditions in New York City. Her career has taken her to Los Angeles where she has landed roles in several hit movies. Her successes include receiving an Academy Award nomination for her role in 2010’s Winter’s Bone and a key role in the last X-men movie (she’s easy to spot – think blue).

In her latest film, Jennifer is a survivor-style heroine. The Hunger Games movie is based on the first book of the best-selling trilogy of young adult novels written by Suzanne Collins. In this story set in a post-apocalyptic future time, 24 teenagers are selected from each district of the region to battle-to-the-death in a reality show televised as entertainment for the citizens of the capitol. Take a peak and see Jennifer in action.

KIX would like to say congratulations to Jennifer on her success and for dreaming big!

Our region is full of talent and has produced some of the biggest names not only in Hollywood, but also in sports, politics, national news, and more. We are, after all, a region where imaginations and individuals thrive. What’s your dream?