Our Goals

Kentucky Indiana Exchange Goals

Create a community that recognizes and invests in the talents of our people

  • By building a culture of lifelong learning, where the value of obtaining an educationis understood, we will lift our region to the top-tier of educational attainment.
  • By cultivating a workforcesystem that successfully prepares our residents for jobs in priority sectors, our region will become a magnet for both business and talent.
  • By fostering a vibrant, exemplary nonprofit community and capitalizing on our region’s tremendous volunteer spirit, through collaboration, shared learning, advocacy, and the promotion of innovation and excellence, we will promote the greater well-being of each individual.

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Kentucky Indiana Exchange Goal for Innovation

Create an environment that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, personal wealth and sustainable job creation.

  • By focusing on regional strengths in high-growth, innovation-driven sectors, we will develop the kinds of high quality jobs that will encourage best-practices in business attraction, expansion and entrepreneurial development.
  • By supporting the region’s economic and government climate through coordinated efforts that foster cooperation and relationships amongst Economic Development organizations, Chambers of Commerce, Governmental and Civic organizations.

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Quality of Place in the KIX Region

Enhancing our quality of place to attract and retain business and talent

  • By embracing positive activities to create jobs and expand business opportunities while safeguarding and sustaining our exceptional regional environment.
  • By encouraging improvements to our regional transportation and mobility system, to better connect us throughout the region, and ultimately, to the world.
  • By becoming an all-inclusive, welcoming and nurturing place for all people of our region, no matter what their background or place of origin.
  • By pursuing efforts that will expand regional arts and cultural opportunities and partnerships, we will not only enhance the quality of life in the region, we will be providing resources that will help to encourage, inspire and involve imaginations.

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