Fort Knox Soldiers Set to Deploy. They Need Our Support!

The brave men and women serving our country overseas don’t ask for a lot, while giving up much –including time with their families and other loved ones. They’re doing an important, high risk job – helping to keep our country free – and they need to know how much we appreciate what they’re doing while they’re away.

That’s why the KIX team is asking for your support for the Soldiers of Fort Knox’s 3d Brigade, 1st Infantry Division, (The “Duke Brigade”) who are deploying to Afghanistan in the very near future. In fact, some are there already. “Adopt-a-Fort Knox Platoon” is an initiative that relies on the local community to help provide a better deployment quality of life for these Soldiers, by linking them with the caring community around Fort Knox, folks who are interested in supporting our heroes with periodic cards, letters, and care packages during the course of their deployment and beyond.

The “Adopt-a-Fort Knox Platoon” effort is looking for businesses, schools, and other organizations and individuals willing to help make this endeavor a success. The “Duke Brigade” is preparing for their next deployment now, and if you or your organization wants to participate, there are still units that could use your support. Please contact John Campbell at the Fort Knox Public Affairs Office, (502) 624-0150, to find out more.  He’ll make sure you get the information you’ll need to proceed.

Your support is greatly appreciated!


  1. I just want to thank you for what you are doing for our troops. I have one younger brother currently stationed at Fort Drum in NY and my 17 year old brother is in the process of talking to recruiters for when he graduates. I am of course scared for my brothers, and the one already in just recently got back from his first deployment (he was in Afghanistan) which I have to admit was really hard on myself and my kids. Knowing that there are people out there trying to make these men and women feel the love of home while they are away and caring enough to show their love and support makes me so proud. Thank you.