Communities coming together for the Holidays

Throughout our region, organizations and individuals continue to show an amazing ability to demonstrate compassion and support for community. And the upcoming holiday season is no exception.  In fact, we want to help as many of these folks connect with as many of those in need as possible.

Our region is home to a wide variety of non-profit organizations that will be serving Thanksgiving meals once again this year.  And these events are much more than just meals for those without money or resources.  For many they’re a chance to enjoy the fellowship and spiritual renewal that an old fashioned Thanksgiving meal can offer.  In Louisville, for instance, the Louisville Metro Council is teaming with PRIDE Inc and the New Jerusalem Church to host their Annual Seniors Thanksgiving Day Dinner.

A community event since 2003, the Thanksgiving Day Dinner is free to anyone over the age of 50. It will take place from 12pm to 2pm on Thursday at the Presbyterian Community Center, 701 Hancock Street, in Louisville.  It’s a delicious Thanksgiving feast, with all the trimmings, as well as a sense of belonging for those who are without family during the holidays.

In Adair County they’re calling on volunteer citizens to help with the Second Annual Community Thanksgiving Day Dinner. This event is free of charge, and everyone is welcome to attend.  It will take place at the Adair County Middle School, 322 General John Adair Drive, in Columbia.

Another effort we don’t want to leave out is taking place in the area around Fort Knox, where Soldiers have been returning from combat duty in Afghanistan.  Several families have reached out to the Soldiers who won’t be going home for the holiday, and invited them into their homes for Thanksgiving.  They’ll be doing the same for Christmas, and it’s not too late to sign up.  Visit to find more.  Or reach out to area food banks or agencies such as Hand In Hand Ministries of Louisville, to find out how you can get involved with their holiday distributions.

These events are only a few of many taking place in our region during the Thanksgiving Holiday. There are far too many to list.  In short, this region is full of caring and compassionate people and organizations who want to ensure that everyone has a happy holiday season. Start or continue your own family traditions, but take some time to make a difference, and get involved with some of the many community Holiday programs that are available.

And have a great Holiday Season!