Celebrating Women’s History Month with Some Great Ladies from our Region

Women’s History Month is celebrated each March in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. It highlights the countless contributions of women who have made history and those who are making it right now. Many of them right here in our region.

KIX celebrates Women's History MonthLook around and you’ll find countless women who have taken a stand, made a difference, changed a life, or accomplished something that most people only dream about, while passionately fulfilling their destinies each and every day. Some you’ve heard about, but most go about their jobs with quiet dignity and seldom receive or crave any recognition for their efforts. Many of them are our wives, mothers, sisters, and daughters—or just as importantly, our friends. Take some time out of your day and thank them sincerely for all they do, because Women’s History Month isn’t just for the women in the history books—it’s for the great ladies who are making history right now in a community near you!

Without having to look too hard, we can find plenty of heroes and leaders, fighters and survivors right here where we live and work. Although not all are famous, each have made significant contributions and a real differences in the lives around them. Here are just a few examples of amazing women from our region:

  • Diane Logsdon, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Hardin Memorial Hospital, has played an instrumental role in the success and growth of this nationally-recognized health care provider. Diane is an active community leader serving on numerous community and charity boards and is a past president of the local Chamber of Commerce. She served as a member of the Elizabethtown Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and is past President of the Ft. Knox Chapter, Association of the United States Army. A past recipient of the Athena Award, she has been recognized time and again with awards, most recently the 2012 Boy Scouts of America Distinguished Citizen Award. Retired Maj. Gen. Terry Tucker has this to say about Diane: “Diane Logsdon is a positive role model for people of all ages because she has given so much of herself to the community. She’s a pillar of our hometown.” And believe it or not, the KIX team just left a regional planning meeting that Diane was a part of! Where does she find the time?
  • Christine Johnson, former president of Leadership Louisville, recently received the Silver Fleur-De-Lis Award from Greater Louisville Inc. According to Business First, the award recognizes outstanding commitments and achievements in the Louisville community and is given to an individual who shows leadership and action to make the region a better place to live and work. Before retiring last year, Christine was the Leadership Louisville president for 20 years, growing a great organization that has helped inspire and mentor dozens of successful local leaders. She has also won the Lifetime Achievement Award in 2011 by the Center for Nonprofit Excellence, and was recognized for service at Presentation Academy’s 2010 Tower Awards for Women Leaders. Christine is well known by many for her work ethic, people skills, and tremendous talent. We’re lucky to have her here, and grateful for her tremendous contributions to the region.
  • Stephanie Decker. Many people around the United States would probably recognize her from the recent news. A hero and mother, Decker put her life on the line to save her two children, Dominic, 8, and Reese, 5, from the deadly tornadoes that destroyed their Southern Indiana home just a few weeks ago. As the wind blew and the house was ripped apart around them, Stephanie wrapped her children in a blanket, laid on top of them, and held on with the fierce determination of a protective mother. In the process, she lost both legs and suffered seven broken ribs—but she didn’t let go, and for her, it was a small price to pay. She saved her children’s lives. Stephanie has recently been released from the hospital and is reportedly feeling, “Pretty awesome.” The heroic mother also stated: “If I can live through that, I can live through anything.” We’re just thankful she and her family are safe, and proud that they’re a part of the region we call home.
  • Kim Huston. Kim spent “half of her life” in journalism as news director at a radio station. Then she came home to Nelson County and the small town of Bardstown where she’s spent the next part of her life as the President of the Nelson County Economic Development Agency, the umbrella agency that includes the Chamber of Commerce, the Tourist Commission, and the Industrial Development Corporation. And if that weren’t enough, she’s also a well-known author, having penned, “Small Town Sexy” about her experiences living large in the small town that drew her home. Sexy, in this case, means interesting, engaging, pleasing, and fascinating. It also explains the passion small town residents have for their home towns, and the great quality of life that they enjoy there. Somehow, Kim found time raise two daughters, while staying active in organizations all around the region. And recently she took a seat on the Bernheim Board of Directors. We don’t know how she does it, but we’re a better place because she does!

We know we’ve just scratched the surface and that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other inspirational stories about the great women who help make our region the terrific place it is. In fact, we want to hear about some of the amazing women you know. Please share their stories, leaving your comments in the box below, or share them on our Facebook page.