Bernheim Renovates Hike Bike Trail with Louisville Water Company Partnership

Bernheim Forest and Louisville Water CompanyA public celebration of the re-opening of Bernheim’s Hike Bike Trail, made possible through a partnership with Louisville Water Company, is happening tomorrow at 10AM.

Bernheim Arboretum and Research Forest and Louisville Water Company have teamed up to renovate and re-open Bernheim’s Hike Bike Trail. This trail, a popular combination of packed gravel and blacktop pavement, runs about four miles one way.

The collaboration between Bernheim and Louisville Water Company is a win-win for our region’s bikers, nature lovers, and for the two companies to promote and champion sustainable initiatives. The Hike Bike Trial is located across the street from Bernheim at Jim Beam. Louisville Water extended a 16” diameter water main along Highway 245 from Jim Beam American Stillhouse, and Bernheim’s trail ran along the stretch of highway. Louisville Water needed access to extend the main and Bernheim needed an upgrade to the path. This partnership allowed Louisville Water to perform the work and construct a pump station, and Bernheim was able to extend the path.

The Hike Bike Trail has been unofficially open for use since earlier in the summer, and Bernheim officials have received positive feedback from visitors who have used the extended trail, beginning at the Jim Beam American Stillhouse and traveling all the way to Four Roses Distillery. Bernheim values the service that Louisville Water provided, and is optimistic about future plans through community partnerships to create bike paths connecting to Bardstown and other areas in the region.

The two companies are looking forward to future partnerships which center on promoting water quality and its value to the community.

The public is invited to attend the brief opening ceremonies, with remarks by Bernheim’s Executive Director Dr. Mark K. Wourms and Louisville Water Company’s Chief Engineer and Vice President Jim Brammell. Bring a bike and explore the trail after the event.