About The Kentucky Indiana Exchange

Growth, opportunity and cooperation all drive the tremendous development efforts currently underway in our region. Working to promote progress and create solutions for the region’s continued development are an ever expanding group of committed supporters, all of whom are working together to realize our dream to become an idea capital of the world, a place where imaginations and individuals thrive.

The Kentucky Indiana Exchange (KIX) is a bi-state, non-partisan organization of regional leaders focused on cultivating regional thinking and action around shared opportunities and mutual challenges by connecting people and organizations throughout the region as well as advocating, supporting and incubating key regional initiatives.

Going beyond physical and political boundaries, KIX has three goals, focused on Talent, Innovation and Place.

  • Talent: Create a community that recognizes and invests in the talents of our people
  • Innovation: Create an environment that encourages innovation, entrepreneurship, personal wealth and sustainable job creation.
  • Place: Enhancing our quality of place to attract and retain business and talent

We invite you to learn more about key focus areas around these goals, and what the region is doing to address them. Thank you for visiting KIX.com and make sure to connect with us to keep track of exciting updates on our region’s key initiatives.