A Great Region

The following post is by Conrad, a member of the KIX.com Team

I’ve got friends who think that there’s no place better than right here.

Me? I’ve lived all over, and from where I’m sitting right now (a corner booth at a local Panera) I think that perhaps they’re on to something.

And why not? A lot of people are working very hard to make it that way. For instance, my tablemate is working on an agenda for a meeting of regional leaders she’ll be part of next week. They’re working together to advance important regional causes.

This time last week some other friends were writing a grant proposal that could help fund valuable regional workforce development initiatives. Wednesday in Bullitt County, some folks were meeting to plan the future of the 26 county Wired65 initiative.

And yesterday another group of people I know was conferencing in a Scott County, Indiana business incubator/accelerator discussing marketing plans for a cost-free “Green” energy training program they’re spearheading with a local college.

And that’s just the few I know about – the tip of the iceberg. I saw today that Louisville was again named a “top city for young people.” We see those kinds of stories a lot around here, and it’s not an accident that we do. We live in a great place because a lot people wake up every morning determined to make it an even better one. And KIX.com is here to help spread the word.

Tell us about a project you’re working on, or about a local hero who’s doing something important, or maybe something about a problem you’d like to see addressed. Start a conversation. Pose a tough question. We want to be part of it.

Working together, there’s no telling what we might accomplish.