Leitchfield Home to Entrepreneurial Spirits

Whoop-de-do Design Leitchfield, KYLast week we shared some exciting news about a new satellite campus of Elizabethtown Community and Technical College coming to Grayson County. While we were there, we also did some exploring, scoping out new businesses, and finding out about the people who started them. For the KIX team, it’s always fun to see where and how the entrepreneurial spirit takes root.

A great example is Leitchfield’s newest retail establishment, Whoop-De-Doo Design. Located on the county seat’s historic square, it’s filled with home décor items, knick-knacks, and other treasures. But in our opinion, the greatest of these treasures is the owner, Jennifer Newton. This entrepreneurial mother of a 3-year-old was born and raised locally. And since the age of 14, she knew she wanted to own her own store and to help people decorate their homes. So when the 6,800 square foot, 100+ year-old building came on the market, she called her husband, told him about the opportunity, purchased and gutted the building, and turned a lifelong dream into a reality.

“I’m not a risk taker,” she said. “This is the riskiest thing I’ve ever done.”

On April Fools Day in 2011, Jennifer opened the doors, fully expecting to have to work a second job to pay the bills. Instead, business has been booming from day one. Jennifer says people were starved for something different and that’s what she provides, regularly offering new and unique merchandise for her customers.

So why Leitchfield?

For Jennifer, it was an easy choice. Leitchfield is where she was raised. It’s a town that feels comfortable, welcoming, and just plain home—a location that offers a quality of life that’s getting harder and harder to find in today’s fast-paced world. And after spending some time there, we couldn’t agree more. This is the kind of place where imaginations and individuals can thrive. Jennifer and her business are living proof of that!

So keep helping us shine a spotlight on our region. Send us stories of other people, organizations, or businesses we should feature. We’d love to pay you a visit. Oh, and if your travels take you to Leitchfield, we’d recommend you pay Jennifer a visit.